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What does the air purifier do?

What does the air purifier do?

1.Can remove numerous dust, particles, dust substances in the air, to avoid people sucking them into the body, especially PM2.5, PM1 such fine particulate matter, can become directly into the lung particles, will cause pneumonia, heart and blood disease, so the presence of air purifiers can also effectively reduce the incidence of disease.

2.Can remove formaldehyde, benzene, pesticides, fog hydrocarbons and other toxic substances in the air, to avoid human contact with them to cause discomfort or even poisoning. In fact, there have been many cases have shown that children’s leukemia or some adult leukemia and formaldehyde, benzene substances have a certain connection, and even almost certainly formaldehyde is one of the main causes of childhood leukemia. With a professional air purifier to remove formaldehyde, can effectively reduce formaldehyde into the respiratory tract to prevent leukemia.

3. Can remove the air of tobacco, oil smoke, animals, exhaust gas and other strange smell carried, to ensure that the indoor air is fresh, so that the depths of which people refresh, many products among the professional negative ion generation and humidification system, air purifier of these systems can make the environment more comfortable, healthy.

Air purifier has many roles, just because we can not see with the naked eye is indoor pollutants, so many people feel that air purifier is not necessary, in fact, this idea is a misconception, quality air purifier can remove haze, remove aldehyde, sterilization, many benefits, invisible to protect our health.

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