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An air disinfector that kills the new coronavirus

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The living environment of all kinds of mutated viruses can not be prevented!

New crown epidemic repeatedly, prevention and control has entered the normalization

More than two years after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, there have been five separate variants of Alpha, Beta, Delta, Omicron, and now the prevalent one is Omicron one’s BA.2. The obvious feature is that the transmission is getting stronger and stronger.

Patients with underlying disease and below-average organism immunity are directly exposed to the threat of death from infection by the variant strains.

There are many other viral bacterial infestations that humans face: influenza A, bird flu, SARS, Ebola ……

In addition to viruses, there are various health killers in the air

– Bacteria

– Dust, industrial exhaust

– Room odor

– TVOC harmful gas

– Pollen, allergens

– Formaldehyde, PM2.5

– Pet lint

– Second-hand smoke

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PM2.5 pollution in the air, formaldehyde and other TVOC gas volatilization in home decoration, pet hair, pollen and other kinds of allergens, second-hand smoke and odor in the office are always dangerous to health!

Diseases caused by bacteria and viruses

Bacteria (scientific name: Bacteria) is one of the main groups of living things, belonging to the domain of bacteria, is the most numerous of all living things.

Bacteria are the pathogens of many diseases, including tuberculosis, gonorrhea, anthrax, syphilis, plague, trachoma, and other diseases caused by bacteria.

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The new air purification and elimination all-in-one machine launched by Olansi Healthcare Co.,Ltd A6

A disinfector that can kill the new coronavirus

– Kills 99.99% of new coronavirus

– Active and passive dual-effect sterilization

– Highly effective in removing formaldehyde, PM2.5

– In addition to odor, second-hand smoke

– CARD PM2.5 ≥500 m³/h (H13)

– Formaldehyde >200 m³/h

– Applicable area: 35-60㎡


All-round 360° large area air intake

HEPA + formaldehyde skeleton + modified activated carbon three-in-one ring filter

UVC LED ultraviolet germicidal lamp, zero ozone generation (optional)

Intelligent air quality PM2.5 AQI display and ambient light indication

DC motor, low power consumption + high efficiency conversion + high life

Low noise purification, sleep peacefully

Cartridge life reminder

Minimalist design and fashionable appearance

High-end quality environmental protection material, safe and healthy


Active+passive dual-effect disinfection mode

  1. Release ecological super-energy ion a key active sterilization
  2. Built-in UVC sterilization module, sterilization more thorough

Whole house sterilization without dead ends (corners, furniture objects), intercept and destroy all kinds of bacteria, viruses, allergens and other harmful substances in the air.

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