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What are the classifications of air purifiers?

What are the classifications of air purifiers?

Distinguished according to the purification method.

Passive filter purification: as the most mainstream type of air purifier on the market, passive air purifier, i.e. filter purification type air purifier, can play the role of filtering odor, dust, disinfection, etc. Its main principle is: first use the fan to pump air into the machine, and then filter the air through the built-in filter. Filter air purifier mostly uses activated carbon filter + HEPA filter + photocatalyst + electrostatic adsorption filter + UV sterilization and other methods to treat the air. And activated carbon and other substances are mainly adsorbed formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, ammonia and other harmful substances, HEPA filter has the role of filtering dust, respirable particulates.

Active filterless purification: Compared with common filter-type products, the biggest benefit of high-pressure electrostatic dust collection is that the use of high-pressure electrostatic to adsorb dust, even very fine particles can be adsorbed well, air purification effect is good. It is superior to mechanical filtration is that the requirements of the filter is not as strict, even if the mesh is relatively large, it will not affect the air filtration function, because it relies on electrostatic adsorption, rather than simply rely on the filter filter filtration.

Distinguished according to the use of scenarios.

Household medium and large products: such products are also the most mainstream, the most practical household-type air purifier products, prices range from a hundred to ten thousand dollars. The main application scenes for the living room, bedroom and other large area of the scene. The general product application area is about 10-150 square meters.

Car-car type products: If it is used for air purification in cars, need to specifically purify car odor, car formaldehyde and other car pollution, and can be specifically placed in the car air purifier, so the optimal choice for car-type air purifier.

Desktop wearable small products: desktop-level products and wearable products are mainly used to purify the air around the desktop within a certain range, and can only ensure that the air blown out is clean, and usually use desktop and wearable products in office environments with larger spaces, which can only ensure the improvement of air quality in a small area, and cannot do whole-house purification.

Distinguished by functional use.

Filter PM2.5: The vast majority of users who buy air purifiers want the air purifier to filter PM2.5 indoors in the home, to the mainstream filter air purifier on the market, for example, filter PM2.5 mainly relies on the HEPA filter inside the body. The specific filtration method should start from the working principle of the air purifier, through the built-in fan rotation, the indoor air will be sucked into the machine, when the air passes through the HEPA filter, the PM2.5 and other particles will be intercepted by the filter, and the air will be discharged through the gap of the filter, and the user will get clean air.

HEPA filter

Filter formaldehyde, TVOC: In general, formaldehyde and TVOC and other gaseous harmful substances, will not appear as a separate function in the air purifier, but according to the intensification of renovation pollution in recent years, as an accessory function added to the air purifier. Formaldehyde and TVOC are currently mainly filtered through activated carbon filters, and since the quality level of activated carbon varies, there will be differences in the filtration effect.

Activated carbon filter

Filter pollen, viruses, anti-allergy: the same as the filter formaldehyde function, pollen, viruses and other filtering functions, the same is also an additional function or product features, usually with this function of the product will be additional to the label. The diameter of pollen is relatively large, so like filtering PM2.5 can be filtered through the HEPA filter. The main method of filtering viruses and bacteria is through UV sterilization, negative ion purification and cold catalyst chemical decomposition.

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