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Is Air in Our Cars More Pollutant?

Studies show that cars are more pollutant than their outside surroundings. The reason for a high level of pollution is that cars take in the bad air from the surroundings on a road, and keep recirculating these bad emissions inside the car since cars aren’t airtight that’s why whenever we stop by a petrol pump we get to smell the petrol in a closed car. Car pollution can be very harmful since the car inside the car comes from what a car emits. These on-road vehicles emit hazardous gases like NO, CO, and O3 which are produced when NO from the car reacts with the sunlight resulting in O3. All these gases cause respiratory problems and damage to the lungs.

Car air purifier

The car air purifier can circulate the air in the car through the purifier fan. The polluted air will filter or adsorb various pollutants through the PM2.5 filter and activated carbon filter in the machine, and then the air will be continuously ionized by the negative ion generator installed at the air outlet to produce a large number of negative ions. The generated negative ion airflow can effectively purify and remove harmful substances such as dust, formaldehyde, benzene, bacteria, peculiar smell, allergens, etc. in the room.

Olansi has many types of car purifiers that can improve the air quality in your car. All are equipped with HEPA filters that can remove formaldehyde, 50 million negative ions per cubic centimeter are almost noiseless, and two types of (different designs) car air purifiers are optional.

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