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Can air purifier remove formaldehyde?

Now there are many things on the market are very advanced, for now this environment is not particularly clear, there are many places are polluting the environment, we can use an air purifier to enable themselves to absorb a good environment, then, first of all, we should look at the air purifier can remove formaldehyde?

(What does the air purifier do?)

Can air purifier remove formaldehyde?

The answer is yes.

1.the air purifier can remove formaldehyde, the air purifier will be placed in the indoor environment, the purifier can rely on a strong purification capacity, formaldehyde substances quickly adsorbed away, and even be able to decompose formaldehyde and other harmful substances, so the air purifier can improve indoor air quality.

2.the air purifier will be installed in the activated carbon filter, able to adsorb formaldehyde, with the continuous progress of science and technology, the current development of nano mineral crystal adsorption system, its ability to adsorb harmful substances is 6 to 9 times more than ordinary activated carbon.

3.air purifier can not only remove formaldehyde, but also absorb a variety of harmful substances in the air as well as haze, since 2013 the air haze situation is becoming increasingly serious, pm2.5 up to 300 or more will lead to respiratory disease patients induced asthma, so place an air purifier indoors as well as carry a small purifier, can reduce the impact of haze caused by the human body.


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