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Car purifiers help clean the air inside the cars however it’s not just that simple. When you use car purifiers they eliminate all the pollutants from your car or whatever vehicle you use. These pollutants can be pollen, dust particles, carbon dioxide, and what not. Going on a drive with all these pollutants can affect your health. You might get breathing issues, asthma, allergies, cough wheezing, etc.

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Working Mechanism

For the car air purifiers to function they need to be connected with the car. Once it’s turned on, the purifier eliminates negative ions into the air. These negatives ions get attached to the pollutants like pollen, dust particles, mold spores, etc. which are attracted by the filters in the purifier.

Characteristics of Car Purifiers

  1. The Best filter technology in the market used to eliminate airborne pollutants in the safest way possible is the HEPA filter and is used in OLANSI Car Air Purifier.
  2. The HEPA filter used for purification has high efficiency. The filter eliminates formaldehyde from the air and is a colorless gas that irritates the skin, throat, and eyes.
  3. The car ionizer consists of 50 million/cm³ negative ions.
  4. The car freshener has a noise of equal to or less than 35dB.
  5. The purifiers are composed of ABS plastic.
  6. The air purifier needs a power of 8W. The voltage required is DC 10-15 volts.
  7. The air purifier help removes 99% of particles having a diameter of 2.5 microns or even less.
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