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The air purifier mainly consists of a motor, a fan and an air filter. The motor and the fan encourage the air to flow, so that the air passes through the air filter and all kinds of pollutants are adsorbed, and then clean air can circulate in the room. There are also some models of air purifiers that load the air outlet with an anion generator, which ionises the air to produce negative ions, which are blown by the fan to form a negative ion current, thus producing the effect of purifying the air.

And this filter is also different, generally stainless steel; there are also composite filters, for the air odour, such as formaldehyde and other filtration, like our intelligent air purifier Olansi-K09A, is for formaldehyde and haze of a purifier, very suitable for new houses or autumn and winter haze serious areas.

Air purifiers are beneficial for everyone, and indispensable for individual groups. For example, children, pregnant women, the elderly, office workers, people with respiratory problems and drivers. If you have a baby or a mother-to-be, an air purifier is indispensable in autumn and winter, as children are not fully functional when developing and can easily become ill if they inhale too much haze or viruses, you can also choose the Olansi-K09A purifier if you have a baby.


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