Smart Hepa Filter Ionizer Car Air Purifier With USB K05B

Product Name  Car Air Purifier Model OLS-K05A
Color White Chassis Material ABS Plastic
Product Dimension 74*74*170mm Package Size 210*205*170mm
Gross Weight 500G Net Weight 250G
Voltage DC 10-15v, 300-500mA Power 8W
CADR 8m³/h Negative Ions 50 million/cm³
Application Area Car PM2.5 99%
Noise <=35dB
Filter High Efficiency HEPA Filter, Remove the formalehyde
Filter System  Active Loader Waylay Filter

Smart Hepa Filter Ionizer Car Air Purifier With USB


1、Using high temperature melt spray fiber drawing. By combining small particles with a multifunctional filter, the HEPA filter can filter out tiny particles larger than 20 nanometers, including bacterial mold, dust, allergens and some viruses. The world health organization’s publications show that bird flu, human influenza and legionnaires’ bacteria are all greater than 20 nanometers.

2、Filter accuracy is 99.9%, the aperture is 0.01 um, HEPA filter is a new type of high object completely purification materials, do not need any energy at room temperature, can achieve dust (99.97%), the purpose of sterilization (99.99%). The adsorption rate of dust (smoke, partition, dust, etc.) of 0.1 micron or above can reach 99.97%, and it has the ability to effectively kill the grass fungus, and also has a strong inhibitory effect on the general bacteria.


1.Mini Car Air purifier, Portable to Carry
2.360 Degree High Efficient HEPA Filter
3.Negative Ions Air Purifying
4.Quiet: <=35dB, Won’t Bother Your Drive
5.Two type (different design)  of Car Air Purifier For Choose

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