Household Humidifier air purifier with hepa K03A

Product Name Home Air Purifier
Model OLS-K03A
CADR 200m³/h
Application Area 14-25 square meter
Noise <=21dB
Negative Ions 20 million/cm³
PM2.5 99.99%
Color White or custom
Product Dimension 370*230*695mm
Chassis Material ABS/Acrylic cover
Gross Weight 8KG
Voltage 110-265V/50Hz
Power 65W
Humidifier Ultrasonic humidification
Sterilization 365nm Ultraviolet Light
Control Operation Panel Buttons + Remote Control
Filter Aluminum Filter(washable) + Cold Catalyst Filter + Antibacterial Filter + Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter + High Efficiency HEPA Filter
Sensor Filter Replacement Remider + Children Lock + PM2.5 Display + Touch screen +Wifi Function + Odor Sensor

Intelligent Odor Sensor System

It can automatically adjust air purification system according to the space’s air quality.

It can adjust fan speed according the air quality.


Aluminum Filter: Filter the larger volume particles, washable

Cold Catalyst Filter: Catalyzes of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC

Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter: Rapid adsorption of odor, decomposition of formaldehyde, enzene, ammonia, second-hand smoke.

Sterilizing Filter: Eliminating floating dust particulates, acarid, microorganism.

High Efficiency HEPA Filter: Eliminates mold, dust, allergens and bacterial.

Ultraviolet Sterilize Light: Rapidly kills viruses and bacterial.

Anion Purification: Improves air quality, multiple health benefits


Anion Releasing
Anion can not only efficient eliminating dust, sterilizing, purifying air, but can also help contribute to human body synthesis and store vitamin, enhancing and activating physiological activities of body, so it is also called “air vitamin”.

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