HEPA Filter Sterilizing UV Light Air Purifier And Humidifier K08D

Product Name Humidifier Air Purifier
Model OLS-K08D
Color Silver, Blue, White, Pink
Product Dimension 400*230*640mm
Chassis Material ABS/Acrylic cover
Gross Weight 11.5KG
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Power 85W
CADR 488m³/h
Application Area 28-43square meter
Noise 18dB~55dB
Negative Ions 10 million ions/cm³
PM2.5 99%
Filter Aluminum Filter(washable) + Cold Catalyst Filter + Antibacterial Filter + Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter + High Efficiency HEPA Filter
Sensor Filter Replacement Remider + Children Lock + PM2.5 Display + Touch screen
Sterilization 365nm Ultraviolet Light
Control Operation  Panel Buttons + Remote Control


HEPA Filter Sterilizing UV Light Air Purifier And Humidifier K08D


1.Air purifier + Ionizer Design (2 in 1)
2.Quality: Top Rated HEPA Filter Produce Clean Air
3.Efficient: Japanese Customized Motor,Quiet, Save energy
4.Quiet: 18dB~55dB, Won’t Bother Your Sleep
5.Air Quality Sensor: From SHINYEI KAISHA (Japan)
6.Safety: Child Lock Function
7.CE,CB,CQC,3C,Rohs,ERP,SGS Approval

001 water air purifier k08d 1

002 water air purifier diagram k08d

003 water air purifier water k08d

004 water air purifier filters k08d

006 water air purifier k08d 1

007 water air purifier k08d 1

008 water air purifier angle k08d

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