Smart HEPA Filter Negative Ion Humidifier Air Purifier K08A

Model OLS-K08
Serial Air purifier serial
Color White
Body material ABS Plastic
NW 12.5kg
GW 15.5kg
Votage 220v
Consumption 85w
Amount of negative ions million/cubic centimetre

Smart HEPA Filter Negative Ion Humidifier Air Purifier

humidifier-purifier-k08a humidifier-purifier-k08a humidifier-purifier-k08a

1: Aluminium alloy strainer

1. The preface alloy dust filter can filter out the large particle dust, dandruff, pollen, floatation and other pollutants. 2. Multi-layer corrugated aluminum network with low initial resistance, high volume of dust and long service life 3. Light weight, compact structure, easy to install 4. Use compressed air to purge or clean the liquid for multiple cleaning and reuse 5. The performance of easy cooling can extend the life of the fan motor

Cold Catalyst filter

1. The catalytic decomposition of cold catalyst does not require uv, high temperature and high pressure.In normal living environment, it can have catalytic effect to control pollution.

2. Can break down a variety of harmful gas, cold catalyst can also catalyze formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases, react with oxygen in the air, catalytic, produce water and carbon dioxide.

3. Long-term role: in the process of catalytic reaction, once used in without external force damage, valid for five years, basic synchronization with formaldehyde to release period, formaldehyde long-term governance effect is good.

Honey comb activated carbon filter

1. We use environmental protection PP shell honeycomb, USES the hole structure of cellular network, fill in the hole columnar grain activated carbon, high carbon content, compared with traditional activated carbon filter, has better aerodynamic performance, high adsorption efficiency, small wind resistance coefficient.

2. Activated carbon to efficient catalyst, can greatly improve the ability to remove all kinds of harmful gas, can adsorption decomposition of formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, ammonia and other harmful matter, removal rate of 99% or more, its speed, large amount of saturated adsorption.

3. We use the coconut shell activated carbon requirement point value: more than 900 (technical parameters) is equivalent to 18 football fields of filter area, the density of carbon: 200g plus or minus 20g.

Antibacterial cotton strainer

1. We adopt the diameter fiber non-woven fabrics imported from the United States, which has the characteristics of antibacterial, moisture-proof, mildew resistant and not easy to breed bacteria.

2. Have destroy bacterial cell wall, cell membrane rupture, cytoplasm without leakage, terminate the process of microbial metabolism, make the microbial growth and reproduction, the mite and bacteria have efficient removal effect, etc.

humidifier-purifier-k08a humidifier-purifier-k08a humidifier-purifier-k08a

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