5 in 1 Function Water Purifier W19

Product name Reverse Osmosis Drinking Machine Model W19
Rated water purification 2000L Hot water capacity 18L/H(≥90℃)
Raw water tank capacity 6L Waste water tank capacity 2L 
Quota Voltage 220V Quota Initial Water Purification 30L/h 
Quota Frequency 50Hz Product Size 475x240x430mm


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1.Post-modern light luxury high-end atmosphere appearance
2.SPE electrolysis technology, making bubbles rich hydrogen water
3.Space science and technology reverse osmosis purification technology
4.The third generation rare earth 3 seconds fast heating technology, multi-stage water temperature
5.Semiconductor refrigeration technology, low to 10 degrees good taste
6.Built-in LED UVC sterilization, visual indication
7.200G large flux membrane + built-in large water tank,rapid water replenishing for continuous use by many people
8.Real net waste separation tank, no waste water circulation
9.Intelligent reminders, intelligent IoT, enjoy intelligent life


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Meet more people to use continuously
6L raw water tank, 2.5L waste water tank
·Large tank, high waste water ratio,one time adding water can produce 6L pure water
200G high-throughput RO membrane
·The water production capacity is 520ml/L, and the water supplycapacity is greater than the quantity of water output
3L built-in pure water tank
·Pre-production of water cache, water zero waiting
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UVC disinfection
·Built-in UVC sterilization lamp, visual indication, sterilization and bacteria inhibition, to ensure the safety of water quality (can solve the problem of COD exceeding the standard in the industry)
Water tank can be opened for cleaning
·Removable water tank, after long-term use there will be a small amount of sediment
inside the water tank, the machine can be removed to clean the water tank
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The bubbles are rich in hydrogen water
·SPE electrolysis technology, the rapid electrolysis of water into water rich in hydrogen atoms, let the water evenly wrapped hydrogen molecules, promote the stable combination of hydrogen and water, produce a high concentration of bubbles rich in hydrogen water
Can make ice water
·Semiconductor refrigeration technology, low to 10 degrees good tastet
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Temperature control in 6 stages
·Normal temperature water, milk, honey water,coffee, green tea, boiling water
4 grade purification
·3 filter elements, 4 purification.
Aerospace reverse osmosis filtration technology, strontium-rich mineralization filter elements,carbon rod check filter elements.
Rapid heating in 3 seconds
·Thick film technology, 3 seconds boiling water,avoid many times boiling, water quality is fresher
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The first level:
PAC composite filter element
Two in one composite filter element, one is equal to two, more simple purification
Filter material:
polypropylene folded fiber PP cotton + carbon rod
① Intercept the large particle impurities such as silt and rust suspended matter remaining in the water.
② adsorption residual chlorine, odor, heterochromatic, etc.
Working principle:
Folding fiber PP cotton:
the innovative use of folding design, reduce the volume,the filtration area is greatly increased, the tap water into the pretreatment, the removal of sediment, rust, sand,
suspended matter, debris and other large particles of impurities.
Carbon rod:
the use of carbon rod filter element smaller than the traditional granular activated carbon particles, larger surface area, stronger adsorption capacity, better filtering
effect. Further deep removal of residual chlorine, heterochromatic, odor and some organic matter in the water.
the inlet water temperature should not exceed 65℃ to ensure the purity of water.
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The second level:
RO reverse osmosis membrane (200G high flux)
Filter material:
RO reverse osmosis membrane
When astronauts go into space, there is not a lot of fresh water for drinking, so astronauts useNASA spaceflight grade RO reverse osmosis filter material to filter urine and sweat into water for drinking again.
Working principle:
High-tech spaceflight grade RO reverse osmosis technology, theoretical purification accuracy of 0.0001 micron, filter out bacteria, chemical pesticide residues, radioactive particles, residual chlorine, microorganisms, organic matter and other harmful substances.
The use of 200G large flux RO diaphragm, super fast hydration, to meet the number of people in continuous use.
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The third level:
weak alkali carbon filter element
Weak alkali filter element with activated carbon and natural rock as the filter material, with the following product characteristics:
①Green environmental protection, no secondary pollution,no heavy metals exceed the standard;
②Weak alkaline, pH value can be stabilized between 7.0 — 8.5, maintain weak alkaline, long-term immersion pH will not exceed 8.5, and simulate the normal use of users, water can reach more than 5 tons of water;
③The high-density gap is about 3-5 micron carbon rod, which can further remove the residual chlorine and organic matter in the water, achieve bacteria-inhibition,remove the heterochromatic and peculiar smell in the water, improve the taste, and make the water more sweet and delicious.
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SPE electrolysis technology to produce bubble hydrogen rich water
·Hydrogen is dissolved into water rich in hydrogen atoms, and hydrogen molecules are evenly wrapped in water to promote the stable combination of hydrogen and water, which has the characteristics of high concentration of hydrogen and good stability.
·When powered on, the built-in light allows you to see the bubbles generated by
electrolysis of hydrogen-rich water at aglance, while also allowing people to enjoy a visual light feast.
When there is water in the hydrogen-rich tank, hydrogen production will start automatically. The default time for hydrogen production will be 15 minutes. The hydrogen production function will start automatically as long as the water is taken later.
3 seconds to boil
Filter and then boil the water. The drops are fresh and pure
· Explosion-proof fine steel core
· Heat rapidly penetrates each water molecule
· The third-generation rare earth 3-second quick heating technology can realize 3-second quick heating
· Compared with traditional heating, the water quality is fresh and repeated heating is avoided
Thick film technology versus quartz tube technology,It improves the shortcomings of poor stability and high defect rate.
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Why Choose US?

1.Olansi has founded in 2009, professional OEM and ODM Healthcare products, manufacturer with over 10 years experience.

2.Focus on research and development, design , production and sales of health products-air purification, hydrogen water bottle/generator, water purifiers, series.

3.R&D Department Team, major in mold design and manufacturing with over 15 years experiences in air purifier field.

4.CE,CB,ERP approval by SGS; BSCI & ISO 9001 certificates.

5.Promise Confidentiality Agreement “Business Secret Contract“.


Company Information

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Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd. is a premier high-tech healthy and environmental friendly factory for purifier. Over 10 years’ experience, with an integrated research and development program. Our activities includes research, development, injection, assembling, sales and after sales. We are a pure source of quality solution of air purifierwater purifiershydrogen water makerandother heath care products. Now Olansi is one of China’s top 5 largest OEM purification products’ factories. We sell to over 20 countries and key markets and annual turnover is over $100 million.

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Q1: Are there any MOQ requirement for orders?

A: Yes, if OEM, it’s 300-500pcs, if with neutral package, we can accept order that is no less than 100pcs.

Q2: Are there samples available before orders?

A: Yes,we can sell samples to you.

Q3: What payment terms are accepted?

A: TT, DP, LC,Paypal and Western Union is our payment term, but if you have different request, we can discuss.

Q4: What kind of guarantee do you offer?

A: We provide 12 months warranty for all our items.

Q5: What’s your main product range?

A: It’s air purifier, car air purifier, water purifier,water dispenser, hydrogen water machine, hydrogen rich water maker bottle and other related health care products.

Q6:Can you new design for us ?
A:Yeah, we support OEM ODM and customize service

Q7: What’s your main market?

A: We export to all over the world, and now our main markets are Asia, America and Europe.



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