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In the past week, India, a South Asian country with a population of about 1.4 billion (18% of the world’s population), accounted for 46% of new coronary cases worldwide. Today, India is reporting more than 300,000 new cases per day and has surpassed Brazil to become the second in the world in April.

There are four main reasons for the sudden and dramatic rebound of the epidemic in India: relaxed precautions, a shortage of medical resources, a delay in vaccination and a mutated virus. One of the quickest and most effective prevention methods is to vaccinate and improve air quality.

The K15 indoor air purifier series launched by our company adopts double-layer filter design and double-side booster air inlet setting to double the output of clean air, quickly covering every corner and more effectively filtering airborne particles, dust, impurities, etc. Sleep mode automatically adjusts the fan speed to reduce the noise level, quiet and comfortable, healthy sleep. Equipped with intelligent wifi function, cell phone remote control, before people arrive home, K15 began to purify, effective time saving. We also have desktop small air purifier, car air purifier, RO reverse osmosis water purifier, hydrogen-rich water machine and other equipment, welcome to consult.

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