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The product is made of environmentally friendly virgin pulp paper shell honeycomb, with a through-hole structure honeycomb network, filled with columnar granular activated carbon in the through-hole, with high carbon content, excellent gas kinetic performance, high adsorption efficiency and low wind resistance coefficient.

Activated carbon, activated carbon is a porous carbon material with highly developed pore structure and huge specific surface area, strong adsorption capacity, good chemical stability, high mechanical strength, easy to regenerate after use failure, etc., which can greatly improve the ability to remove various harmful gases, can adsorb PM2.5, second-hand smoke and other harmful substances, its speed is fast and the saturation adsorption capacity is large.


The HEPA filter is a new type of air purification material, made of environmentally friendly PP material with high temperature meltblown fibre drawing.

It does not require any energy at room temperature to achieve efficient dust removal. It is the most effective filtering medium for pollutants such as smoke, dust and bacteria.

The HEPA filter filters out tiny particles larger than 0.3 microns in diameter (smoke particles from smoking are 0.5 microns in diameter). It is an internationally recognised filtering material.


UVC ultraviolet technology.

The external air is purified and then sterilised using 265+-5nm UVC LED germicidal technology, which destroys the DNA and RNA molecular structure of the residual germs in the air and achieves a sterilising effect.

Machine operation, air circulation, UV light irradiation filter to achieve sterilization effect, zero ozone generation, no effect on human body!

Germ removal rate of 99.8%, safe and environmentally friendly.


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