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Don’t fail how to choose Humidifier air purifier

A “humidifier air purifier” that moisturizes the dry air in winter. By keeping the humidity in the room, it is possible to take measures against drying. There are so many types of humidifiers that many people will be worried even if they decide to buy one.

Therefore, we are here to help you while choosing best humidifier for you home, office, shop other any other place you need it.

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Types of humidifiers:

Steam type:

The steam type has a built-in heater inside the humidifier and generates steam by heating also, it can be expected to have the effect of preventing germs from growing inside due to heating. Recommended for those who want a powerful humidifier that hassle-free but it slightly increases your electric bill.

Vaporization type:

The vaporization type is a type of humidifier that vaporizes water by blowing air on a filter soaked in water with a fan. Since it does not require a heat source, electricity costs can be reduced.


Ultrasonic type:

A type that ejects small particles like mist by applying ultrasonic vibration to water. Although the humidifying power is weaker than that of the steam type humidifier, it has the advantage of having better humidifying power than the vaporization type humidifier and that you can start humidifying immediately after starting operation.

Hybrid type:

There are two main types of hybrid humidifiers. One is a type that combines a vaporizing humidifier and a heater. Whereas a normal vaporization type humidifier sends air at room temperature, The other is a type that combines an ultrasonic humidifier and a heater. Since the hot water warmed by the heater is ejected like mist to humidify.


How to choose a humidifier:

  1. Check applicable floor area
  2. Check tank capacity
  3. Choose by installation location it may be a living room, bed room etc.
  4. Check features
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