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Desktop Air Purifier A1

A1 Desktop Air Purifier

Although it measures 222*160*95mm and weighs 856g, it is not only small in size, but has many effects.

  1. has a UVC LED germicidal lamp with zero ozone production, which is not harmful to human health.
  2. H13 HEPA+ high performance composite filter, effectively isolating harmful particles in the air.
  3. 40m2/h CADR value.

Small body, play a variety of scenes. Applicable area: 5-12㎡.

Compact body, convenient desktop fast purification, help you create the ideal clean air in your mind. Small and agile, does not take up space, stylish appearance, versatile placement, where you need to put, enjoy fresh air anytime, anywhere







Powered by typeC socket, DC brushless motor, with the advantages of low power consumption + high efficiency conversion + high life expectancy.

Low noise purification, sleep peacefully, low mode like baby’s breathing sound, noise as low as 30dB(A)

Filter replacement prompt

Ambient temperature and humidity sensing with digital display

Compact and stylish appearance


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