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Air Purifier K09A


When the fog, haze, the decoration pollution is serious over the standard

All kinds of carcinogenic particles (PM2.5) are flooded with every family.

EPA study shows that:

Indoor air pollution is 2-5 times the outdoor air pollution.Sometimes even up to 100 times as high as it is!Maybe we can’t change the air pollution temporarily,but we can protect our family scientifically now.

Olansi air purifier K09A with advantages such as large space,large air volume,fast circulation.Purify 36 square meters room, only 10 minutes.

– CADR value of particulate 600m3 /h

– CADR value of formaldehyde 200 m3 /h

Strong purification of high efficiency composite filtration

Cloth compound filter net = imported high-quality coconut shell activated carbon + H11 HEPA filter

Enjoy quiet sleep without noise.Sleep mode automatically lowers fan speed and reduces noise level, as low as 28dB (A).

App control,smart control for a long distance.APP intelligent air management, air quality at a glance

The quality PM2.5, TVOC, filter life, air temperature and air humidity are displayed,in real time, and the environmental quality is under control.

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