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The mobile phone installs the corresponding APP software, and then adds a WIFI module on the purifier to realize the remote monitoring function. The main functions of the APP are: (1) With the air purifier control panel, the APP home page displays indoor parameters, outdoor weather index, and can remotely control the air purifier. (2) With the air purifier control panel, real-time curves such as indoor air quality temperature, humidity, PM2.5, VOC, etc. can be displayed. (3) With the IoT terminal module, the APP can automatically add air purification equipment, which is easy to operate. (4) For the manufacturer, it is convenient for commercial users to collect and use user information and experience data to adjust the characteristics of the products in time, and to make investigation data for future product development. (5) For the user, the operation is more convenient and quick. If the machine accident occurs, the user will be reminded to contact the nearest maintenance point or teach you how to deal with some simple accidents (such as how to replace the filter).

Olansi wifi user manual
Some features of our WIFI module: Support 802.11b/g/n wireless standard Self-developed MCU platform, ultra-high cost performance  Ultra low power consumption, excellent power saving mechanism, suitable for battery-powered applications  Support UART/SPI/GPIO data communication Interface  Supports STA/AP/STA+AP coexistence working mode  Supports Smart Link intelligent networking function (provides APP)  Supports wireless and remote firmware upgrade, provides wireless batch configuration tool  Supports WPS networking configuration  Supports multiple channels (5 channels) TCP Client connection supports soft switch control module power supply (function temporarily reserved) SD SDK development kit is available for secondary development Optional external antenna (I-PEX) connector or lead-out interface  3.3V single power supply  Ultra Small size: 22mm x 13.5mm x 6mm, 1X102mm connector  Product certification through FCC/CE standard For specific quotation and information, please contact us directly!


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