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W19 hydrogen-rich water purifier

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W19 hydrogen-rich water purifier

Recently, in spite of the opposition of the public and the international community, some governments has decided to directly discharge the nuclear polluted wastewater from the nuclear power plant accident to the sea. The approved wastewater is expected to reach 1.3 million tons and will be discharged in two years. According to the research, nuclear radiation will spread to most of the Pacific Ocean in 57 days, and it is expected to spread to the waters around China and South Korea in one year; in only three years, the United States and Canada will be affected by nuclear pollution; in ten years, no sea area in the world will be spared. As time goes on, these nuclear waste water not only pollutes seawater, but also may pollute freshwater resources.

At the same time, the W19 hydrogen-rich water purifier that our company is launching has a significant effect on tap water purification. W19 hydrogen-rich water purifier uses PAC 2 in 1 filter element, RO reverse osmosis membrane and weak alkaline strontium-rich carbon rod to form a composite filter element for 4-layer water purification. The built-in UVC sterilization technology in the water purification tank can kill bacteria in the tap water more effectively. Rapid heating and cooling technology, no need to wait and refuse to boil repeatedly. The fourth-generation microbubble continuous electrolysis technology uses electrolysis and hydrogen explosion devices to produce high-concentration bubble hydrogen-rich water for people to drink directly.

Love starts with a glass of good water.


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