Tap Infrared UF Water Purifier W01

Product Name Portable Water Purifier
Model OLS-W01 Color White
Product Dimension 300*275*365mm Weight 8.5KG
Chassis Material 100% Eco-friendly New ABS Power 0(Without electricity)
Water pressure 0.15-0.3Mpa Clean Water Output 4L/Min(0.2Mpa)
PH 7.35-8.0 Temperature 5°c ~ 45°c
Filter High Quality PP Cotton Core Filter, Activated Carbon + KDF Filter, Ion Exchange Resin Filter, Natural Mineral Stone Filter, Energy Stone Filter, Ultra Filtration Membrane Filter, Posted Activated Carbon Filter



1.7 Filters sytem, easy to change the filter inside.
2.Large water flow, 4 times as the conventional water machine. Direct drinking
3.Top water source, Alkaline water
4.Portable, table top designed.
5.Eliminate carcinogen and heavy metal ion in the water
6.Curb bacteria, enhance the risistance to improve energy
7.No electricity operated, saving energy


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