Hypochlorous Acid Naclo Disinfectant Generator X6

Product Name Hypochlorous acid generator
Model OLS-X6 Color White or customized
Product Dimension 271*217*365mm Length of Wire 1.6m
Net Weight 1.55KG Gross Weight 1.6KG
Voltage AC100-240V, DC12V Disinfection   water   category Hypochlorous acid disinfection water
Frequency 50HZ Capacity 2L
Operating Time as appropriate Material PP,ABS,PP,titanium
Usages Kitchen cleaning, Clothing Degerming, Sterilization of seafood and meat, Fruits and vegetables sterilization, Household disinfection, Disinfection and cleaning of pet.

Disinfectant water machine offer you clean space

–Can effectively kill 99% bacteria

Sodium hypochlorite is a strong oxidizer, which has strong bactericidal effect, and can replace oxygenants such as bleaching powder.

Javelle water can kill all kinds of pathogenic bacteria and viruses quickly, such as escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus,  fungus, bacillus subtilis, black variant spore and other pathogenic bacterium, and can destroy HBsAg.

hypochlorous acid generator hypochlorous acid generator hypochlorous acid generator hypochlorous acid generator

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Price Value $4000+

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