sodium hypochlorite disinfectant water generator X5

Product Name Disinfectant Water Machine
Model OLS-X5 Color White
Product Dimension 210*182*336mm Length of Wire 1.6m
Net Weight 1.55KG Gross Weight 1.6KG
Voltage AC100-240V, DC12V Power 33W
Frequency 50HZ Capacity 2L
Operating Time as appropriate Material PP,ABS,PP,titanium
Usages Kitchen cleaning, Clothing Degerming, Sterilization of seafood and meat, Fruits and vegetables sterilization, Household disinfection, Disinfection and cleaning of pet.

Disinfectant water machine offer you clean space
–Can effectively kill 99% bacteria
Sodium hypochlorite is a strong oxidizer, which has strong bactericidal effect, and can replace oxygenants such as bleaching powder.
Javelle water can kill all kinds of pathogenic bacteria and viruses quickly, such as escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus,  fungus, bacillus subtilis, black variant spore and other pathogenic bacterium, and can destroy HBsAg.
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Viruses and bacteria are everywhere in life
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Disinfectant water machine offer you clean space
Home sterilization fruit cleaning wound disinfection
Can effectively kill 99% bacteria
Sodium hypochlorite is a strong oxidizer, which hasstrong bactericidal effect, and can replace oxygenantssuchas bleaching powder.
Javelle water can kill all kinds of pathogenic bacteria andviruses quickly, such as escherichia coli,staphylococcusaureus, fungus, bacillus subtilis, black variant spore andother pathogenic bacterium, and can destroy HBsAg.
With one machine, you can make disinfectant easily
Just water and salts, you can make disinfectant easily
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pisinfectant machine controlled by micro-computer, using easily available salt and water astaw materials, can produce efficient, safe and non-toxic javelle water quickly and convenientlyIt is healthy and safe, and you don’t have to worry about health concerns of using disinfectant.
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Kitchen cleaning
Kitchen and bath sanitary ware, appliance, walltiles, floor and floor drain disinfection, cleaningand smell removing
Tableware, teaware, feeding bottle, and pacifiercleaning and detoxification
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Clothing degerming
Disinfection and bleach of household fabrics ,clothing and other textiles,disinfection of hardsuface furniture
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Sterilization of seafood and meat
Sterilizing and preserving of chicken, pork, beef,mutton and aquatic product, cleaning, sterilizing:and preserving of animals’ large intestine andtripe
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Fruits and vegetables sterilization
Fruits and vegetables disinfection, removing pesticideresidues,cleaning and fresh keeping
Decpmpose pesticide rudimental on the surfaceof vegetables and fruits, making vegetables and fruitsclean and fresh
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Household disinfection
Cleaning and disinfection of decoration,telephone, toy(metal materials are not included)and so on
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Disinfection and cleaning of pet
Disinfecting , cleaning and removing odor of petcan reduce the bacteria carried by pet , and can alsoprevent pet from getting skin has strongeffect of killing canine distemper viruses, canineparvovirus, bacterial spore , mold and otherpathogens
The applications of human body health
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Kind prompts
1.Please wear waterproof gloves while working, so as avoid original fluid touching skin directly.
2.Please contact with doctor if directly used on baby’s skin who are under nine months old.
3.Please save in the shade. Don’t let children contact with it.
4.Rinse it with clean water immediately if it gets into eyes accidentally.
5.Please consult a doctor in case of allergic phenomenon.

Clean home from the choice to start
Clean in place Health home

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Why Choose US?

1.Olansi has founded in 2009, professional OEM and ODM Healthcare products, manufacturer with over 10 years experience.

2.Focus on research and development, design , production and sales of health products-air purification, hydrogen water bottle/generator, water purifiers, series.

3.R&D Department Team, major in mold design and manufacturing with over 15 years experiences in air purifier field.

4.CE,CB,ERP approval by SGS; BSCI & ISO 9001 certificates.

5.Promise Confidentiality Agreement “Business Secret Contract“.


Company Information

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Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd. is a premier high-tech healthy and environmental friendly factory for purifier. Over 10 years’ experience, with an integrated research and development program. Our activities includes research, development, injection, assembling, sales and after sales. We are a pure source of quality solution of air purifierwater purifiershydrogen water makerandother heath care products. Now Olansi is one of China’s top 5 largest OEM purification products’ factories. We sell to over 20 countries and key markets and annual turnover is over $100 million.

Product Process


Packaging & Shipping




Q1: Are there any MOQ requirement for orders?

A: Yes, if OEM, it’s 300-500pcs, if with neutral package, we can accept order that is no less than 100pcs.

Q2: Are there samples available before orders?

A: Yes,we can sell samples to you.

Q3: What payment terms are accepted?

A: TT, DP, LC,Paypal and Western Union is our payment term, but if you have different request, we can discuss.

Q4: What kind of guarantee do you offer?

A: We provide 12 months warranty for all our items.

Q5: What’s your main product range?

A: It’s air purifier, car air purifier, water purifier,water dispenser, hydrogen water machine, hydrogen rich water maker bottle and other related health care products.

Q6:Can you new design for us ?
A:Yeah, we support OEM ODM and customize service

Q7: What’s your main market?

A: We export to all over the world, and now our main markets are Asia, America and Europe.



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