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Product Name

RO Water Purifier
Model SR01 water purifier Color Grey, white
Product Dimension 473*373*163mm
Gross Weight 11kg Net Weight 5.5kg
Chassis Material ABS Plastic, Tempered Glass Voltage 220V/50Hz
Water Pressure 0.1-0.4 MPa Water Flow 0.13 L/min
Water Capacity 50 Gallon Temperature 4-38 ℃
Filter PAC composite structural filter+RO reverse filter+Rear carbon bar filter element



1.Easy filter replacement and easily installation
2.Use the Postposition Coco Activated Carton Filter, it can prevent from secondary pollution. remove chlorine, Bacterial, Virus, Antibiotics,Heavy metal,Inorganic matter, Organic matter
3.Provide OEM / ODM service.
4.2L/min clean water output
5.Use the Reverse Osmosis technology

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