Double Hepa Filter Air Purifier K15B

Product Name Air Purifier with Wheel
Model OLS-K15B
Color White or Custom
Product Dimension 400*400*669mm
Chassis Material ABS/Acrylic cover
Gross Weight 14KG
Voltage 110V-220V/50Hz
Power 85W
CADR 800m³/h
Application Area 56-96square meter
Noise 26dB
Negative Ions 10,000,000/cm³
PM2.5 99.99%
Control Operation Panel Buttons + Remote Control
Sterilization 365nm Ultraviolet Light
Filter Pre-Filter(washable) + Composite folder carbon cloth filter(H12 HEPA filter+Activated carbon)
Sensor Filter Replacement Remider + Children Lock + PM1.0 Display + Touch screen  + Wifi Function +Sleep mode

Double Hepa Filter Air Purifier

Double air duct, double filter

CADR 800 m³/h

Purifying 30 ² room only need 6 minutes

Applicable area 56-96 ²

Triple Protection Safe And Reliable

Open the cover and power off

the machine power off automatically when it’s cover is opned

Child lock

prevent children from accidentally touching, causing security risks

Anti fall off switch

dump more than 15 °, power off protection

Wisdom WIFI function, master the remote control

Convenient handles on both sides

Wind From Above. Big Cycle

Dual forward wind turbines increase air flow, dislocation blade design

Quickly stirs room air, allowing clean air to flow quickly to every corner

Japan imported particle sensor

Power on stable operation time is 6 seconds,

response time is 1 second, monitor particle size down to 0.3 micron

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Price Value $4000+

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