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WQA Convention & Exposition 2024 in North America ORLANDO, FL..

the wqa convention exposition 2024 in north america orlando fl

OLANSI Cordially Invite You to Join us at The WQA Convention & Exposition 2024 in North America ORLANDO, FL..

* New product for Sparkling Water Maker and Cold Water Dispenser
* Home Appliances with live demos and display
* RO/UF Water Purifier
* Multi-Functional Water Dispenser
* Quick Heating and Cooling Water Dispenser
* Sparkling Water Dispenser
* Under Sink Water Purifier
* Hydrogen Rich Water Maker
* Air Purifier
* Other Healthcare Products

VENUE : Orange Country Convention Center, International Drive, Orlando, FL
Time: Between 5th to 7th March 2024
Booth Number 886



About The WQA Convention & Exposition:

The WQA has been an all-encompassing event connecting the drinking water treatment industry’s technologies, know-how, education, training, networking and business opportunities with industry professionals in one convenient and cost-effective location.
Decision makers with purchasing power from the commercial, residential, and industrial segments of the water quality improvement industry come to WQA to connect with exhibitors who are uniquely qualified to help them solve the issues they are dealing with in their day-to-day business lives.

wqa official exhibitor wqa exhibition 2

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