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Work efficiently, live happily


Work efficiently, live happily

July 2021 Olansi Foreign Trade Department 2 out team building activities


Climb the “First Staircase in Southern China – Baishui Zhai”

The Baishuizhai Scenic Spot consists of several mountains, the main one being Baishuizhai Mountain at a height of 828 meters. The Baishuizhai Waterfall, with a drop of 428.5 meters, flows down from the Baishuizhai Mountain like a giant white ribbon.
Located in Paitan town in the mountainous northern region of Zengcheng district, the area boasts a rich variety of natural resources, including bamboo forest, ancient trees and a 200-square-kilometer riparian forest. It is regarded as an “emerald” of the Tropic of Cancer.
Baishuizhai Scenic Spot is located in Paitan town in the mountainous northern region of Zengcheng district.
In spring and summer, clouds and mist blanket the mountains. In autumn and winter, the lush greenery, including some rare and protected species, provide spectacular views.
In order to provide visitors with the best possible travel experience, the scenic spot consists of several routes for visitors to enjoy their time at Baishuizhai. They can choose to climb the “foremost ladder in South China”—a hiking trail with 9,999 steps – or take a sight-seeing bus.
At the foot of the mountain, people can also visit the first greenway in Guangdong, a mountain park, distinctive local restaurants and other entertainment facilities.
Admission fee: 60 yuan ($8.74)
Hours: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Address: Paitan town, Zengcheng district, Guangzhou.


   This outdoor group activity has given me a lot of feelings and benefits. It taught us what communication is, what collaboration is, and how to work together and motivate each other.

It was a joyful journey and a spiritual exercise for all of us. It gave us a new understanding and experience of the power of team spirit, and also stimulated our individual potential, making it fully released and strengthening our courage and confidence to challenge ourselves.

It told us to break the traditional way of thinking, to open up our minds, to sum up the lessons of failure and successful experiences in our work, and to establish a new mode of work. At the same time, we learned to communicate with each other and learn to think differently. It made everyone try a new kind of life, and at the same time taught each of us to learn to be grateful, to be forgiving, to reciprocate and to give in, so that the whole team would be the most united and progressive, the best team.

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