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Reverse Osmosis Hydrogen-rich Water Purifier W25


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Reverse Osmosis Hydrogen-rich Water Purifier W25

Drinking water as the most important part of life, has always been attached great importance, from the initial water filter, faucet water purification, and then the whole house water purification program, water purifier are a lot of people in the study and purchase, I am no exception.

The new multi-functional water purifier W25 of Olansi, with its fourth generation SPE electrolysis hydrogen technology, can generate hydrogen by electrolysis of pure water more efficiently, and through the water vapor mixing system, hydrogen and drinking water can be mixed and pressurized quickly, so that hydrogen can be dissolved into drinking water instantly and produce super high concentration of hydrogen-rich water.

  1.Multi-layer filtration, multi-function

  2.Heating and cooling, hydrogen-rich water as one

  3.Small size

  4.No need to install


Adopt electrolysis hydrogen production module

Imported proton exchange membrane, supplemented with platinum solid electrolyte on both sides. On both sides, the separation of hydrogen and oxygen is realized. Stable hydrogen production, sufficient amount of gas volume, high purity and long life.

6L raw water tank to meet daily demand

Super large water tank, high wastewater ratio, 6L pure water can be made in one filling.

200G high-throughput RO membrane

Water production reaches 520ml/L, water supply is greater than Output water, can be used as a continuous water supply source.

3L built-in pure water tank

Advance water storage, no waiting for drinking water.


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