Portable alkaline PEM hydrogen Ionizer Water Bottle B

Product Item Hydrogen Water Bottle
Model OLS-B
Color Pink, White or custom
Size 70*270mm
Net Weight 320g
Volume 280ml
Water temperature   1-80℃
Hydrogen Content   Above 1000ppb
Material PC/AS/Astman Tritan 
Voltage DC5V/1A
Battery Capacity 1200mA
Electrolytic time 1 Min
Charging  USB Charge

Portable alkaline PEM hydrogen Ionizer Water Bottle

What is the benefit of Hydrogen Water ?

1.Improving Metabolism

2.Eliminate Inflammation

3.Allergies Helped

4.Remove Fatigue

5.Slimming Beauty

6.Enhances Memory


8.Inhibits Tumor


Fresh small water molecules

Making Small Molecule Water Small Molecule 55.39Hz

Water exists in a combination of multiple molecules. In combination with the membrane water channel diameter, water with less than 100 HZ and less than 6 water molecules is called small water cluster. The width of the half-width measured by the small molecule water (composed of 3 to 6 water molecules) is about 70 Hz. The water width of the macromolecules in tap water (13 molecules or more) was 110-130 HZ, which is hard to get into and out of the cell membrane.

Small clusters of water are very active. With strong penetration, strong solvency, strong diffusion. The high oxygen content of water can bring more oxygen to the tissue cells in the human body. After entering the human body, small molecules of water can successfully penetrate into human cells, provide nutrients to cells, and bring bacteria and toxins out of the cells out of the cells, speeding up the circulation of micro blood vessels, promoting metabolism, and exhibiting detoxification capabilities.


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