Double HEPA Filtration Negative Ion Air Purifier K15C

Product Name Air Purifier
Model OLS-K15C
Color White or others
Product Dimension 400*400*665mm
Chassis Material ABS/Acrylic cover
Gross Weight 14KG
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Power 85W
CADR 800m³/h
Application Area 56-96square meter
Noise 22dB~66dB
Negative Ions 10,000,000/cm³
PM2.5 99%
Filter Pre-Filter(washable)

+ Composite folder carbon cloth filter(H12 HEPA filter+Activated carbon)

Sensor Filter Replacement Remider + Children Lock + PM1.0 Display +

Touch screen  + Wifi Function +Sleep mode

Sterilization 365nm Ultraviolet Light
Control Operation  Panel Buttons + Remote Control


Double HEPA Filtration Negative Ion Air Purifier

Double Filter Design, Double Boost Intake Double Output Clean Air

1.H12 HEPA filter

High efficiency, low flow resistance, can be used for a long time to reduce the cost of supplies, 0.3 micron suspension particles filter up to 99.9%, high efficiency filter PM2.5, bacteria, allergens and so on (efficient, comprehensive and lasting).

2. Activated carbon

Natural coconut shell activated carbon with high specific surface area, high strength, uniform particle size, well developed, adsorption performance, and low resistance, can quickly capture decomposition of formaldehyde, toluene, TVOCs and other harmful gases, drinking water use materials.


1.Air purifier + Ionizer Design (2 in 1)
2.Quality: Top Rated HEPA Filter Produce Clean Air
3.Efficient: Japanese Customized Motor,Quiet, Save energy
4.Quiet: 18dB~55dB, Won’t Bother Your Sleep
5.Air Quality Sensor: From SHINYEI KAISHA (Japan)
6.Small body effect, High CADR Low noise, Multiple powerful purification, Infrared sensor accurate,Wifi Control, Operation humane
7.CE,CB,CQC,3C,Rohs,ERP,SGS Approval

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Air Purifier Market Size, Share, Analysis, Forecast
Price Value $4000+

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