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Olansi Hydrogen-rich water bottle

Olansi produces hydrogen-rich water cups with a high concentration of electrolysis through platinum titanium, with a hydrogen-rich content of up to 1000 PPB, which meets the hydrogen-rich content of hydrogen-rich water required by the human body, thus achieving the purpose of removing free radicals from the body and promoting detoxification.

It adopts the advanced DuPont ion membrane from the USA, which isolates electrolytic waste (e.g. ozone, residual chlorine, metal compounds) from being discharged through the ion membrane and through the exhaust hole at the same time, eliminating the production of chlorine and ozone. An ion exchange membrane is a polymer containing ionic groups with selective permeability to ions in solution. The requirements for ion membranes for hydrogen-oxygen separation are very demanding and cannot be met by ion membranes developed in China or by ion membranes available in Japan. DuPont’s ion membrane effectively prevents oxygen ions and chloride ions from going to the anode and participating in the reaction, essentially eliminating the production of residual chlorine and ozone. This hydrogen enriched water cup is made of food grade PC material, which is non-polluting, safer and has reliable water quality.

The classic curved design of the cup conforms to the body’s lines and makes it more comfortable to hold in the hand.

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