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Olansi foreign trade team outdoor expansion activities

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Recently, our company carried out an outreach training, in the training, each project, each member of us are actively making suggestions, are working hard to complete the consistent daily target. We did not have any barriers but helped and collaborated with each other.

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Although the expansion activities have ended, but the expansion of life has just begun, anyone and everything in a person’s life can hit a person’s heart, the important thing is that the heart is not able to feel, see the world with heart, comprehend life.

Enhance cohesion:Promote internal communication and harmonious team relationship; cooperate with corporate philosophy education and goal education to form a common will; strengthen the cultural management of employees to achieve spiritual motivation.

Enhance competitiveness:Establish mutual cooperation, support and team consciousness; stimulate the spirit of innovation; promote the team’s ability to transcend obstacles, handle crises, and cope with change.

Change and learning: The program designed for the special requirements of the company can implicitly make employees realize that “change is the only constant”, reach a consensus that “innovation is the best way to survive and develop”, and establish a common vision, so as to eliminate the conceptual and conscious obstacles to the implementation of change in business. This will remove the conceptual and consciousness barriers to change;

At the same time, by allowing the trainees to experience the learning and knowledge innovation process in depth, it effectively helps enterprises to achieve the goal of establishing a learning organization.

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