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Olansi company goes out to study

Our company carried out a learning activity for business personnel in mid-May 2021, and benefited a lot during the period.

The unexpected problem-solving scheme and unconventional way of thinking in the expansion project have given us a lot of inspiration for future work: to achieve the goal, we cannot do without the brain, heart, and force of the team members, but the core is to use the brain and act to think. The function of using the brain is to conduct sufficient research, analysis and careful thinking based on certain resources, certain conditions, and certain rules before the action, to find the right direction, determine feasible methods and formulate effective measures. If you plan to move, and move effectively, the team members’ hard work will greatly enhance the cohesion, competitiveness, and combat effectiveness of the team, so as to achieve the goal of challenging the limit, defeating oneself, and defeating the opponent.


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