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Hydrogen Water Bottle to Improve Your Health



Nowadays, most of us look for ways to lead a healthy life. When talking about wellness trends, hydrogen water is gaining immense popularity.

What is Hydrogen Water?

You might be aware that the water we drink is called H2O. It means that regular water has two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule. But hydrogen water will have more hydrogen molecules. In turn, it becomes beneficial in many ways. To help people easily get the benefits of hydrogen and purified water, we at Olansi deal with different products. One such product is the hydrogen water bottle.

Hydrogen water bottle

  • Material: PC/AS/Astman Tritan
  • Hydrogen content: The hydrogen content of each hydrogen water bottle is above 1000ppb
  • Electrolysis time: electrolysis time only takes 1 minute
  • Capacity: different styles and different capacities

How Does This Bottle Work?

Mostly, this bottle will have a button. When you press this button, drinking water is divided into oxygen and hydrogen. It happens because of a process called electrolysis. The gas infuses into the water, thereby creating healthy hydrogen water. This water will have the utmost availability. Meaning, your body will absorb it with ease to help you become healthy.

How Can Hydrogen Water Make You Healthy?

Some of the research-backed health benefits of hydrogen water are listed below:

  • Anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Cancer treatment
  • Brain Health
  • Reduces metabolic syndrome


With these benefits, to help you get the best benefits, we offer different choices when it comes to hydrogen bottles. We also deal with water and air purification systems. Olansi is a certified manufacturer of different purification systems. You can also expect lifelong after-sales service with a one-year guarantee for our products.

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