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Happy group building


Before we know it, it is already the early autumn months, but because of the region, the weather in Guangzhou is still hot.

Autumn is a sentimental season, with its grey, wispy air. It seems to speak of everything in the world. However, if you look at autumn from a different angle, it is a quiet season, with a cool autumn breeze, with a light fragrance, blowing against your face and mine. The autumn rain, with the lightness of the dew, moistens your heart and mine. A kind of beauty also floats in the heart.


In the autumn, our company organised a parent-child outdoor group activity, which had a significant effect on strengthening the cooperation between colleagues and enhancing the friendliness between colleagues. In addition, this parent-child activity can exercise the children’s hands-on ability, let them get close to nature, learn to cooperate with each other and take care of the environment.

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