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Characteristics of hydrogen molecules

hydrogen molecules 1

Characteristics of hydrogen molecules

  • Strong penetration

Hydrogen-rich water belongs to small molecular group water, which is easily absorbed and has strong permeability.

  • Safe and reliable

Hydrogen-rich water belongs to negative potential water, which has more affinity with the weak alkalinity of human body fluid.

  • Strong anti-oxidation ability

Hydrogen-rich water is rich in active hydrogen, which makes it easier to balance.

1.5L of hydrogen-rich water is equivalent to the antioxidant value supplied by several hundred fruits and vegetables

hydrogen molecules

Small molecular weight: 100-15 millionth of the average cell size of human body

Electrically neutral

Excellent diffusivity: it can easily penetrate through biological membranes to the whole body quickly and exert its antioxidant ability.

Hydrogen gas uses water as a carrier and can be circulated to the whole body through the blood after entering the body

The product is water

After the neutralization reaction with oxygen radicals, water is produced and excreted in urine, which safely and completely takes away most of the harmful toxins in the body without affecting the recovery of other benign cells.

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The unique advantages of molecular hydrogen in health promotion

It has the activity of selective scavenging of harmful substances in the body.

It has a preventive or therapeutic effect on many kinds of injuries and diseases. Molecular hydrogen can slow down the development of many diseases, reduce or minimize symptoms, and improve the quality of life of patients, and has a wide range of health effects.

It has excellent penetrating power so that there is no place to hide. Molecular hydrogen can easily pass through various barriers to reach all tissues of the body, and can quickly cross cell membranes and enter cells to exert bioactive effects.

It can be used flexibly in combination with other prevention and treatment techniques. Molecular hydrogen can be combined with drug therapy, radiation therapy, etc. to reduce the side effects of anti-cancer drugs and irradiation, reduce pain and improve the efficacy of treatment. It can also be used in combination with lipid-lowering and blood glucose lowering to prevent and treat diseases.

Molecular hydrogen products are very safe, easy to use and convenient. The safety of molecular hydrogen has been recognized at home and abroad, and many countries have approved its use as a food additive without any toxic side effects. With the introduction of many kinds of molecular hydrogen health products, it is very convenient to use.


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