Fruit and vegetable sterilizer

Olansi Fruit and vegetable sterilizer C6A

About fruits and vegetables,Have you really washed it?

Washed mud,Unwashed pesticide residues.


Olansi Fruit and vegetable sterilizer C6A

Say goodbye to hand washing,triple purification, clean fruits and vegetables without residue, protect family health.

Principle of operation


“Electrolysis water purification”

Using water as raw material, without adding any chemical substances, through the hydroxyl water ion generator, the water Decompose into hydrogen ions (-H) and hydroxyl radicals (-OH), purify food materials, and remove bacteria and diseases Toxic and pesticide residues are degraded into water and inorganic salts that are harmless to the human body and the environment to purify food materials.


“Water cycle cleaning”

Clean the inorganic matter in the food Promote the internal water circulation of the machine to clean fruits and vegetables in 360° Wash the food to purify and decompose inorganic substances, avoiding secondary washing.


“UVC sterilize”

When starting to clean fruits and vegetables/tableware, turn on the UV antibacterial function to allow 275nm shortwave ultraviolet Ray is directly irradiated in the water to degrade pesticide residues and kill harmful bacteria in tableware.

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